Neil at Tangles

Neil Labadie at Tangles

3980 Broadway, #105

Boulder, CO 80304


I came to Boulder from Madison, Wisconsin in 1977. After working at a couple of small salons, I settled into the family at Salon Salon in 1985. I thought I would stay there forever. But, after 24 years, the opportunity came to open a small studio with my friend Beege Harding.  Always interested in technology, I had ideas that I could implement only by going on my own.

I specialize in easy care razor cutting, beautifully shaped long hair and color processes that will complement the hair and face of each client.

I have just switched from Dikson Hair Color to Kevin Murphy Color.Me. This is a company I can fully embrace. I love doing dimensional hair color, whether it is highlighting, balayage or flamboyage. Life is too short to have boring hair!